A roadmap for the United4Diversity initiative

The 2023 Kick-Off Conference concluded with a comprehensive roadmap consisting of three key actions to achieve the mission of the initiative: establishing a networking platform; coordinating efforts between the network’s members; and raising awareness about the interlinkage between safeguarding the rights of LGBTIQ+ people and democratic resilience.

Action 1 – Providing a networking platform and tools for knowledge exchange

One of the cornerstone of United4Diversity is to create a networking platform and provide tools to facilitate the co-construction of knowledge and the exchange of data and practices.

This action includes:

  • establishing safe communication channels for the network’s members, ensuring that knowledge is shared securely and efficiently. An annual conference in Brussels and periodic workshops will serve as vital spaces for meaningful dialogue and collaborative initiatives.
  • safely collecting and sharing data indispensable in our pursuit of democratic resilience and human rights. Data serves as the bedrock for informed decision-making and strategic planning.
  • strengthening interactions between academia, civil society organizations, and media to ensure that information is disseminated widely and effectively. This will help civil society organizations to facilitate better environments for advocacy against anti-rights and anti-democracy movements.
  • providing training and exchange of expertise between members regarding research activities, communication strategies, safety, and well-being.

Action 2 – Coordinating efforts on strategic priorities

Effective coordination is paramount to the success of any network. The United4Diversity initiative recognizes the need for coordinated efforts among its members to achieve strategic priorities.

This action includes:

  • establishing a common research agenda. This will ensure that all members work toward a shared vision, focusing their efforts on research that is not only rigorous but also strategically significant.
  • developing shared pro-active communication strategies. This is a pivotal step in promoting a unified voice against attacks, discriminations and human rights violations.
  • jointly defining targets for strategic litigations and sanctions to help take a proactive stance in addressing violations of human rights.
  • promoting co-application and consortium building to increase funding and resources for the network and its members’ activities.

Action 3 – Raising awareness of the interlinkage between human rights and democratic resilience

A key component of the United4Diversity network’s mission is to raise awareness about the interlinkage between safeguarding the human rights of LGBTIQ+ people and bolstering democratic resilience. Engagement with strategic actors, such as ministries of foreign affairs and intelligence services, is crucial for garnering support and understanding at the highest levels of government.

This action includes:

  • increasing political pressure as a means of catalyzing change. By engaging with political decision-makers, the network can ensure that the issue of human rights and democratic resilience remains high on the political agenda.
  • reaching out to organizations and developing transatlantic links to extend the network’s reach and influence, creating a global network of allies. This is especially important in developing actions against the anti-rights movements which encompass strong transatlantic connections.
  • securing additional funding for the network’s activities to sustain and expand our efforts, ensuring that the United4Diversity network remains a formidable force for positive change.