Conference programme

Day 1 – October 3rd, 2023

14:00 | Opening remarks

14:15 | Introductory Session 1 – Scapegoating Minorities: a threat to democratic security
This panel will explore how anti-democratic movements have been scapegoating minorities – and especially. LGBTIQ+ people and organisations – to polarise the political debate, attack the rule of law, and erode the democratic resilience of societies throughout Europe.

16:15 | Introductory Session 2 – The geopolitics of anti-democratic & anti-human rights movements

This panel will discuss how the backlashes encountered by LGBTIQ+ communities at the national level must be understood in the context of the influence of international networks such as the ones developed or supported by Russia.

18:30 | Diplomatic Reception – By invitation only

With the network of like-minded embassies on LGBTIQ+ equality.

Day 2 – October 4th, 2023

08:30 | Welcome

08:40 | Working Session 1 – Research and Knowledge
This working session will address how governments, administrations, researchers, experts, and NGOs can strengthen and unite their research efforts to increase the development of knowledge on so-called anti-gender, anti-LGBTIQ+ and anti-democratic movements and their links.

11:00 | Working Session 2 – Communication and Outreach
This working session will deal with the communication efforts to translate our point of view, our research, and our knowledge into impactful narratives that promote inclusion, equality, and democratic resilience.

13:00 | Lunch

14:15 | Working Session 3 – Legislation and Politics
This working session will address how the fight for equality for LGBTIQ+ persons depends on a secured legal framework and a healthy political climate, which are both under attack by anti-democratic, ‘illiberal’ governments.

16:30 | Working Session 4 – Funding and Philanthropy
The last working session will focus on the financial support needed for the coalition to reach its goals.

20:00 | Conference dinner

Day 3 – October 5th, 2023

08:30 | Welcome

08:40 | Plenary panel – How to build and manage the U4D coalition?
This session will allow an exchange of views on the future management of the United 4 Diversity coalition.

10:30 | Address by Hadja Lahbib, Belgium’s Minister of Foreign Affairs

10:40 | Wrap-up Session – Drafting of the declaration and list of actions
This session will analyse the conclusions of each of the four working sessions. It will lead to the adoption of a common declaration stating the objectives of the United 4 Diversity Coalition and a list of up to 12 priority actions on which the coalition should focus during the following year.

12:30 | Closing remarks

12:45 | Lunch