The United 4 Diversity Kick-Off Days
was the launch event of a network of actors

involved in the fight to preserve European values.

3-5 October 2023

The United4Diversity kick-off days brought together LGBTIQ+ activists from all over Europe with academics, experts, policy makers and other professionals.

Together, they defined an roadmap for the initiative in order to tackle the growth of the so-called ‘anti-gender’ movements in Europe.


The kick-off days started on 3 October with a first introduction session.

On 4 October, four working sessions explored different dimensions of the action of the initiative.

On 5 October, the wrap up session established the first roadmap for the initiative.


The Kick-Off Days brought together European LGBTIQ+ human rights defenders, academics, and policy makers from across Europe.

The aim was to build a wide-spread network of experts thinking about how to work together to fight the anti-gender movement.

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