The United4Diversity initiative creates a crucial junction
between the fight for LGBTIQ+ equality
and the efforts to strengthen democratic resilience in Europe.

United4Diversity to join forces &
fight together

Over the last 15 years, we have witnessed how the LGBTIQ+ communities have been scapegoated across Europe. How anti-LGBTIQ+ policymakers have been gaining strength across the continent. How LGBTIQ+ people have been instrumentalised by anti-European and anti-democratic forces.

It is time to unite and fight back

It is time to acknowledge the threats that the so-called ‘anti-gender’ and ‘anti-LGBTIQ+’ movements pose to our democracies. And it is time for the actors from the public sector, the corporate world and civil society to join forces to address these threats.


The roadmap of the initiative was defined during the 2023 kick-off conference.

Join the network

Our network is open to all committed to defending human rights and democracy in Europe.